Dane County 4H Communication Arts

4H kids having fun expressing themselves!

REGISTER HERE! February 25, 2012


Below is the registration form for the Communication Arts Festival on Saturday, April 6, 2013, 9:30 at the 4H Office (Fen Oak Ct, Madison).

If you have any questions or need to change anything after you submit your form, please email Polly (polly4h@gmail.com).

Complete the registration form for each speech you will do at the The Communication Arts Festival.

Refer to the All About Communication Arts page of this website before registering.

Also consider whether or not you would like the judge to consider you as a finalist for performing at Wisconsin State Fair which is August 1-11. If you are a selected finalist, you will need to perform again at the Performers Festival later in the spring. This will give the judge the opportunity to fairly choose State Fair nominees from all of the eligible Dane County contestants.

The judges at the Communication Arts Festival can nominate demonstrators and others to participate in the Demonstrations and Activity Stations events at the State Fair. These people will not need to perform again at the Performer’s Festival.

However, ANYONE is invited (AND ENCOURAGED!) to perform at the Performer’s Festival!



6 Responses to “REGISTER HERE!”

  1. sarah wanish Says:


    I’m having trouble finding out more background information about the festival. When I click on the area that says “All About Communication Arts” link I get sent to a wordpress.com. Is this correct, if so why do I need to submit email and password info?
    It appears that a child may partake in more than one category. Is there a limit for different grade levels?

    • Polly Says:

      I think I fixed that page. Kids can do more than one speech. The would just need to register separately for each. Let me know if the link still doesn’t work.

  2. Lori Says:

    When is the deadline to sign up?

  3. Cyndi O'Connell Says:

    Polly- I haven’t seen any confirmation that my daugher’s (Alexis and Ashley) were signed up. We did this a week or so ago when I had a group of 4-H kids together working on this event. I signed them both up again today. Can you confirm we are all set?? If need be you can call me at 445-6838. Thanks, Cyndi.

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