Dane County 4H Communication Arts

4H kids having fun expressing themselves!

Extemporaneous Speech Topics April 10, 2012

Here is a list of speech topics.  Each person presenting an extemporaneous speech will pick 3 of these topics out of a hat and will have at least 15 minutes to prepare the speech before presenting it.

My favorite 4-H project area and why.

My most embarrassing fair moment.

What I like best about 4-H and why.

Name one thing I can do to make my eating habits healthier.

Discuss and describe “how to eat spaghetti”.

What I dislike about record books and what I like. How I can make them easier?

My most memorable 4-H experience.

My most disastrous moment in the kitchen.

If I could change one thing in 4-H, what would it be? Why? How would I change it?

Describe 3 things you have learned in 4-H that you probably would not have learned elsewhere.

Cleaning the refrigerator in your house – how do you do it? How often is it done? And what is the most disgusting thing you have ever found in it.

Tell how to clean the bathroom including toilet and tub.

What is my favorite family holiday; describe traditions and why it is your favorite.

What do I contribute to my family to help make it better?

What are my 2 favorite pastimes or hobbies; describe them and tell what you get out of the experience.

If someone looks under my bed or in my closet, what will they find?

When I am 30 I will be…   Describe your family and vocational goals or dreams.

One place I have read or heard about that I would really like to visit is…   Describe the place and discuss why you think you would like it.

A favorite book I have read is – tell about the story and why you liked it.

Describe how you would teach someone to ride a bike.

What is a current news story that has interested you?  Tell about it and how it affects your life.


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