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Results 2015 March 5, 2015

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Thanks so much for attending!

Please don’t forget to register for the Performers’ Festival!!

Here is a link to the photos I was able to take.  If you have photos you want to share, you should be able to add them to this site: https://app.box.com/signup/collablink/d_3221938816/74f3ad46d7f4e
The judges (and all of us observers) were blown away by the amazing, thoughtful speeches you all made.  So much work, thought ,and effort went into your presentations.  It was really difficult for the judges to have to choose their top 3 in each division, but here is how it went:

Merit Awards

Katia Wanish, Diligent Doers, Radio Broadcast

Morgan Gates, Prairie Promises, Prose

Reserve Champions

Arjay Litscher, Madison High Flyers, Illustrated Talk

Michaela Haak and Natalie Rodgers, Prairie Promises, Group Interpretive Reading

Grand Champions

Kole Knickmeier, Cottage Grove 4H Club, Demonstration

Alexis O’Connell, Happy Hikers, Extemporaneous Speech


3 Responses to “Results 2015”

  1. Camerons Says:


    Can you fix a typo? Arjay Litscher mentioned below is in Madison High Flyers (not Roxbury Boosters.)

    Thanks, Heather Couch Cameron

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