Dane County 4H Communication Arts

4H kids having fun expressing themselves!

Comm Arts Festival is Tomorrow!! April 12, 2014

Hi All!

You have a few more hours to rehearse your speeches and polish up your Powerpoints.  Please arrive at the 1 Fen Oak 4H Office before 1:00 to check in.

If you are registered to do an Extemporaneous Speech, you won’t need to study anything exept how to give a good speech!  The questions ask your opinion of things–mostly having to do with 4H.  You can pick 3 topics and choose your favorite.    You will have at least 15 minutes to prepare for the speech.  You can write down notes about what you want to say.  I will have pencils, paper, and notecards available.  Here are some good tips.

If you have any questions, you can email me at Polly4h@gmail.com or call me at 608-212-9987.

See you tomorrow!!



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