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2014 Comm Arts Festival January 9, 2014

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Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!  Belieive it or not, spring is just around the corner!  I am trying to book the 4H Office at Fen Oak for our Communication Arts Festival and I am wondering how you feel about doing it on Sunday, April 13 at 1:00 PM.  I realize this is Spring Break for Madison Schools.  Does that mean a lot of you will be out of town?

I have set up a quick survey to get your input on date and time for the 2014 Communication Arts Festival.  It would really help me out if you would complete it below!



3 Responses to “2014 Comm Arts Festival”

  1. Droster, Sandra K - DHS Says:

    Usually my kids can’t participate because of conflicts, but this year April 13th looks good. Sundays are typically better than Saturdays due to the multitude of sport and school activities that get scheduled on Saturdays.

    Sandy Droster

  2. Laura Says:

    Should work for us!

  3. Cyndi OConnell Says:

    we are not out of town then as sun prairie spring break is 2 Weeks earlier… thanks!

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